Receptacles, commonly known as outlets, come in many varieties to fit different electrical needs in and around your home or workplace. Metro’s Best Electric provides all manner of specialty receptacle installation to suit your unique situation. Some of the specialty outlets we install include:

  • Duplex Wall Outlets – the most common outlet, used for standard plugs
  • Outdoor Receptacles – convenient for power yard tools and outdoor
  • Soffit Receptacles – plug your holiday lights in without a tangle of extension cords
  • GFCI Outlets – protect yourself and your family from electric shock
  • Tamper Resistant (Child Proof) Outlets – keep curious little ones safe
  • 240-volt, or 3 or 4 Pronged Receptacles – for items such clothes dryers.
  • Rotating Outlets – for bulky cords and adapters
  • 2 Duplex Receptacles – no more plug extensions!
  • Floor Outlets – plug your floor lamp directly into the floor. Resolve tripping hazards.
  • Recessed Outlets – for hiding items such as tv’s that are flush mounted against a wall
  • Combination Switch and Receptacle – a great space-saving solution

Metro’s Best Electric will come to your home or workplace, assess the receptacles you have currently for wear and safety. Over time, you may notice that some of the outlets you use frequently can become somewhat loose when you plug items into them, thus causing them to overheat. Outlets with bad internal wiring can also overheat, creating a fire hazard. If your outlet is throwing sparks, it’s time to replace it. Rest assured the installation of your specialty receptacles, whichever kind you choose, will fit your needs and your standards. We aren’t happy until you are.

Call us for a free estimate, and our certified electricians will inspect your current outlets, and  install or replace them according to your needs.