In keeping with today’s safety standards, all homes and businesses should be protected by powered smoke detectors. Powered smoke detectors are all linked together, syncing multiple areas in your home or building. These detectors provide the ultimate safety measure, alerting all detectors when any one of them picks up an alert. No matter where you, your family or co-workers are located, everyone will hear the detector’s alarm.


This linking makes a huge difference in the protection of you and your home or business, allowing anyone plenty of notice and time to get out of a potentially dangerous situation.

Any home that was built before this code was instituted can still have them installed. Upgrades are always possible and, when safety is concerned, always encouraged. Metro’s Best can inspect your current  smoke detectors to make sure that all are working correctly and let you know what your options may be if you are interested in upgrading to powered smoke detectors. Do not make the mistake of putting a price on the safety of you or your loved ones, call Metro’s Best today for a FREE quote.


 In 2009 Oregon passed a law requiring CO detectors in homes and dwellings with a carbon monoxide source. Carbon monoxide sources include heaters, fireplaces, gas-burning stoves, and even attached garages with a door, ductwork, or a ventilation shaft that opens or communicates directly with a living space. Current homeowners are exempt from this law, but if you are planning on selling your house, the law requires CO alarms to be installed. The installation of carbon monoxide detectors is definitely a “best practice,” regardless of whether you are selling your home or staying. 

Metro’s Best Electric also installs carbon monoxide detectors in your home. Our electricians will make certain that you have the latest technology in carbon monoxide detectors, and install them with the care and professionalism you’ve come to expect from us.