The technological advances that have been made in shock prevention devices since Metro’s Best Electric has been operating are so wonderful for us to see. The increased safety we have been able to provide for our customers make us feel great about what we do.

We install several varieties of shock and electrical fire prevention devices:

  • Fuses and circuit breakers – these devices open or break the circuit automatically when too much current flows through them. These devices are designed to prevent wires and components from overheating, increasing the risk of fire. (Metro’s Best provides circuit panel replacement services. We can be your whole-house electrical contractor for all your needs.)
  • GFCI’s or ground fault circuit interrupters, interrupt the flow of electricity very quickly to prevent electric shock. These devices are commonly found on outdoor outlets and bathrooms; places that are commonly wet or damp.
  • AFCI’s or arc fault circuit interrupters, are designed to prevent fires caused by an accidental arc in electricity. These devices constantly monitor the current and can determine the difference between normal arcing and abnormal arcing conditions.
  • Some devices can have both types of protection: GCFI and AFCI. A common location for such a device would be a wet bar or kitchen.

Metro’s Best Electric will help you assess the locations in your home where shock and electrical fire prevention devices would maximize yours and your family’s safety, and as always, our certified electricians will do the work up to current electrical and local building codes. Your satisfaction and peace of mind are important to us!