Having good quality landscape lights that accent your home at night can make a huge statement and even dramatically change or improve the look of your home.

Outdoor lighting varies in its options for your home and it all really depends on you and what you want or envision for your home.

What better way to showcase and secure your beautiful home than to add outdoor landscape lighting? Don’t let dark streets put your home’s safety at risk; your choices can range from path lights to tree lights or even pool lights.

Safety and Landscape Lighting

The right outdoor lighting can make your home the one the cars slow down for and admire, it can accent the brick or stone on the walls of your home and really show off the beauty and hard work you put into it.

Metro’s Best can help you with moon lighting, which can be installed either high up in your trees or on the ground to light up those larger Oak or Pine trees. Our digging crew is so neat that at the end of the day, you won’t even realize we dug in your yard at all. The landscape lights we provide are small and blend in with the mulch in your yard so you won’t notice them during the day. The excuses to not install landscape lighting just seem to keep decreasing!

Whether for security reasons or design aesthetics, Metro’s Best can help you achieve your lighting goals whatever they may be. If you can dream it up, we will do our best to make it a reality.

Metro’s Best can take care of the install from beginning to end. All the digging in your yard is done by hand as to not ruin any landscaping or underground wire or pipe (such as sprinklers, etc.). Have Metro’s Best come out today for a free quote and make sure to ask about LED landscape lights so your new lighting won’t be an expensive addition to your monthly electric bill.

Give us a call today and let’s get started! We promise to work hard and do it right the first time so you can have a hassle free job that will last for years to come.