Recessed Lighting is a fantastic way to add a lovely ambience and mood to your home or office. You can add recessed lighting to an area to illuminate your artwork, cabinets, home décor, meeting rooms, offices, and more. Recessed lighting can help open up an area and create a feeling of spaciousness. There are different types of recessed lights available, all available for installation by Metro’s Best Electric’s certified technicians:

  • Fluorescent – Great for office and commercial spaces, offering an energy efficient solution and reduced glare.
  • Incandescent – Relatively inexpensive, incandescent lights are an excellent choice for general lighting.
  • Energy Star® – Energy Star® certified lighting saves energy, reduces operating costs, and last for a long time.
  • Swivel Lighting – If you would like the power to adjust the direction of your lights, these are an excellent choice.
  • LED Swivel Lighting – LED swivel lights offer you the flexibility of swivel lighting, with the added benefit of a long running life and reduced heat.
  • Down Lighting – This type of recessed lighting is best used for focusing straight down, to illuminate a room or hallway.
  • We also offer Fire Barrier Housing, Line Voltage, Low Voltage Halogen, Standard Halogen and Multiple Recessed Spots.

We take the time to explain all of the choices you have for recessed lighting: the pros and cons, how the installation is done, and help you decide on the right choice for your needs and space. As always, all of Metro’s Best Electric’s work is up to current electrical code and our own high standards. We aren’t happy with our work until you are. Call us for an appointment today!