If you enjoy getting outside for entertaining in our brief-but-beautiful Oregon summers, your patio or outdoor area may be missing something: an outlet to plug in your electrical devices. We install outdoor GFCI outlets to help you make excellent use of your outside time with family and friends.

With an outdoor GFCI outlet installed, you can safely enjoy using electric-powered items outside, such as:

  • Leaf blowers
  • Children’s bounce houses
  • Power garden tools
  • Power tools such as drills and saws
  • Holiday lights and displays
  • Karaoke machines (If that’s your thing! Very popular activity here in the Portland area.)

without the use of pesky and potentially dangerous extension cords wound around your house.

What are GFCI’s?

GFCI’s (ground fault circuit interrupters) are outlets that constantly monitor the electricity flowing to a circuit, and sense any loss of current. If there is an imbalance, the GFCI will trip the circuit, cutting off the flow of current to the outlet. This is an important safety mechanism that prevents electrical shock and potential fires.

Outdoor GFCI Outlets

Metro’s Best certified electricians will install GFCI outlets for you that are designed for outdoor use. They will be up to current code, and we will test them to make certain they are working properly before finishing the installation. The GFCI outlet will also have a cover to protect it – and you – from water that may come in contact with the plug when it’s raining.

Your safety and satisfaction is our number one priority. Our work is always installed to code and our own high standards. Let us show you the Metro’s Best Electric difference!