New and exciting things are happening in the arena of lighting controls. Wireless solutions for powering on or off your lights and other appliances are hitting the market, and are proving themselves to be convenient, energy efficient, and environmentally friendly. Metro’s Best Electric is ready to implement a wide range of lighting control solutions in your home.

Leaving the lights on in your house can be a huge energy drain. Imagine anyone – even your kids – leaving a room and having the lights go off automatically?

It’s possible.

Timers to start your coffee maker, turn on and off your holiday lights, and even your outdoor flood lights are available as well. Automated controls are especially helpful for seniors and people with mobility issues. If you don’t have to walk to the light switch, instead simply push a button or set a timer for it, imagine how fantastic that would be!

We can present and install a range of automated lighting and appliance control options for you. Our range of options include motion sensors, occupancy sensors, Lighting Control Stations, timers, dimmers and many more, both for inside and outside lighting situations.

Wireless Lighting Controls and Motion Sensors

The wave of the lighting future is here with Metro’s Best Electric. Some of the controls we offer include:

  • Dimmers
  • Room Occupancy Sensors
  • Timers, both for indoor and outdoor lighting
  • Lighting Control Stations, allowing you to set lighting for different rooms in your house from one location
  • Remote Control Lighting Systems – imagine turning on your security lights from the comfort of your bed!

Call Metro’s Best Electric to discuss your needs for wireless lighting controls and how we can fill them!