Electric cars are catching on and we are starting to see them everywhere. As more and more of these energy and fuel efficient automobiles make the driving scene, the demand for home charging stations is increasing. Metro’s Best Electric is ready and able to meet those needs with dedicated circuit installations.

Electric Vehicle Charging Stations

A Metro’s certified electrician will inspect your home, perform any necessary upgrades to your home’s electrical wiring, and install your vehicle’s dedicated circuit for a charging station in your garage, or wherever you park your electric or hybrid car. Your individual city or town may also require permits and inspections, and Metro’s Best Electric’s technician can help facilitate that process for you as well.

This dedicated circuit system installation will ensure that your electric vehicle will be charged efficiently and won’t overload your home’s system, either by overheating or tripping a circuit. Rest assured, the equipment we install is up to current standards, and the work we do will exceed yours.