Protecting your children from the risk of electrical shock and injury starts with your electrical outlets. Curious little hands can make outlets one of the biggest danger spots in your home. More than 2,400 children are injured by electrical outlet accidents yearly by placing metal objects such as paper clips, hair pins, jewelry, tools, keys, scissors or their fingers in the live sockets. Burn injuries are often more severe in children because their skin is thin and doesn’t offer the same resistance that adult skin can under the same circumstances, not to mention the emotional trauma brought on by such a frightening home accident!

Child Proof Outlets

We offer installation of tamper-resistant outlets. These outlets meet the following safety standards:

  • UL listed – subjected to intense, documented testing procedures
  • Permanent – once installed, they offer continuous protection, unlike plastic outlet caps that can be removed or forgotten
  • Reliable – this hard-wired solution eliminates the worry about inserting, losing or breaking the device
  • Automatic – protection remains, even with plug or cord removal

Metro’s Best can install child proof outlets throughout your home, making certain they are wired properly to protect your most precious family members. Call us today!