Ceiling fans are a great way to save money on your energy bills this year. Installing a ceiling fan in your home can transform a room into a pleasant place to work or relax. These fans can even create aesthetic interest if done properly. (Think cottage screened-in-porch.) The value of adding some extra wind power for little cost around your home should not be overlooked.

Ceiling Fan Installation

In the summer months, having a fan rotating counter-clockwise in the room can keep cooler air circulating, giving you the opportunity to cool off with the slight breeze they create. You may even be able to set your thermostat a little higher, saving money on your air conditioning costs. If you don’t have air conditioning, the breeze can help keep your home’s temperature tolerable during the summer months.

In the winter months, switching the fan to rotate clockwise on a low speed will draw the cool air up, forcing the warm air back down into the room. This gives you a similar benefit: saving energy and your electrical bill by allowing you to set your thermostat a bit cooler and saving on heating costs.

With so many gorgeous ceiling fan styles to choose from, adding a fan to a room can really bring about the best of both worlds: efficiency AND beauty.

At Metro’s Best we provide expert ceiling fan installation services for your home. Installing one is definitely a lot harder than it looks. Instructions can be long and complicated, and some fans can weigh as much as 50 pounds! Leave the complicated and hazardous work to our professional electricians.

 Call us today! We’ll answer your questions on the benefits of a ceiling fan, and once the job is complete, we’ll make sure you are happy with the work and the results.