03 Feb

Five Energy-efficient, Heart-warming Valentine’s Day Gifts

Valentine’s Day is approaching and many of us are already thinking about what gift we can give that special someone that will illustrate how much we love him or her. This year, why not give a Valentine’s gift that also speaks of your love for the environment by reducing your electricity usage?

From high tech to basic, here are some eco-friendly, energy-efficient gifts that will warm your loved one’s heart and protect the environment at the same time:

1. Solar smartphone charger – Everyone has to charge their smartphone, but not everyone remembers to unplug the charger when they’re done. Plugged-in chargers siphon electricity even when they’re not attached to a phone. A solar-powered charger ensures your Valentine will be able to charge a smartphone anywhere the sun is shining!

2. A tablet – Desktop computers consume a lot of energy (and also stay plugged in all the time), and laptops aren’t much better. Tablets, by contrast, use less electricity and are commonly used unplugged. With all the versatility today’s tablets offer, who wouldn’t love this energy-efficient gift?

3. Self-programming thermostat – You probably already know that a programmable thermostat can help you save money on your electricity bill – if you program it. Not everyone remembers to do so, or to adjust settings when seasons change. Self-programmable thermostats do it for you, making it even easier to save energy.

4. Solar-powered Rainbow Maker – Sweet, whimsical and solar-powered. This prism device will ensure your loved ones can enjoy a rainbow, without the rain, any time they want. Stick it on a window with the included suction cup, and the device soaks up the sun’s rays, rotates and creates beautiful rainbows.

5. Fleece blanket and snuggle time – Finally, why not go with something really low-tech that’s sure to warm your loved one’s heart? Present your sweetie with a fleece blanket (in her favorite color or pattern, or one that salutes his favorite sports team), and cuddle up together under it in front of the fireplace. Time together is the best energy-efficient gift of all.

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