This mark, indicates our company’s dedication to protecting the safety and well-being of you and your family. While it is rare that employees of home service contractors are involved in crimes against homeowners, it can and does happen.

How often have you opened your door to a service repairman only to feel extremely uncomfortable once he’s inside your house?

It’s not something many people think about until it’s too late, but anyone who might feel uncomfortable at home alone with a service technician deserves to be safe from harm.

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This includes:

  • women at home alone or with small children during the day
  • elderly homeowners
  • disabled individuals
  • anyone else who is concerned about their personal safety and the security of their home and their belongings

Learn more why Metro’s Best Electric values this training:

  • Background Check becoming the Law: Based on the unfortunate incident in Florida, five women legislators from the State of Georgia have sponsored a bill that would require employers to conduct criminal background checks on workers before they would be allowed to enter the home. The sponsors wrote the bill with women in mind, since women are more likely than men to be home alone for service calls.
  • Don’t Take Chances: We don’t want to scare anyone, we want to make you aware that scary situations have happened when homeowners hire outside contractors without checking their the guarantees for their safety through their hiring practices:
      • A Florida woman was killed by a registered sex offender who was performing duct cleaning in her home. This could have been prevented the company hiring him would have performed a background check.
      • It’s also not uncommon for hired service contractors to steal from the homes in which they are performing services. Again, a thorough background check by the employer could have prevented those instances
      • An unsuspecting housewife in Missouri hired a bargain electrician through Craig’s List only to have him call back two weeks later and make lewd remarks over the telephone. This could have escalated quickly had she not called the police and the service company immediately.